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More about Host Brian Cvetkovic –

I was born and raised in Burlington and have worked in the restaurant business for most of adult working life. My first job in the business was at my father’s dessert shop, while growing up in the mid 90’s. This is what first sparked my passion for entrepreneurialism.

I do wear more than one professional hat. I have toured Canada as a professional golfer, just steps from touring professionally with the PGA Tour Canada.

I now also work with my father, Chef Mike. I have been Hosting at Downtown Bistro during my off season and at night, for 4 years. While the best part of the job is definitely the clientèle, I enjoy many aspects of working in fine dining.

With my father’s help, I have really been able to hone my wine pairing skills. I spend as much time as possible with our wine reps and read anything I can get my hands on. I spend my free time tasting our wines, getting to know the distinct characters and differences between them. This allows me to make honest recommendations, based on my own personal experience.

I also have a great eye for detail and luxury service, honed from my first hand experience at some of Canada’s finest golf club restaurants.

My favourite dish at Downtown Bistro is hands down, Penne à la Vodka. This dish combines mouth watering house smoked chicken, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, and a creamy vodka sauce; all freshly prepared by my father, Chef Mike. It is delicious and by far one of the most popular pasta dishes we serve!


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Host Brian Cvetkovic organising for the day at Downtown BistroHost Brian Cvetkovic waiting for an orderHost Brian Cvetkovic welcomes you to Downtown Bistro and GrillHost Brian Cvetkovic with an orderHost Brian Cvetkovic with menuHost Brian Cvetkovic with wine decanter